Nathaniel Reisinger

Nathaniel finished med school UT Southwestern, IM residency at Columbia, nephrology fellowship at Penn, and is a clinical ultrasound fellow 2017-2018 as well as instructor of emergency medicine and moonlighting nephrologist at Penn. He is interested in novel technologies to enhance the patient experience in nephrology and is an active researcher and educator in point-of-care ultrasound for med students, residents, fellows, and attendings. Nathaniel is the chief social media strategist for the Nephrology Business Leadership and serves on the executive committee ( Nathaniel @Nephrothaniel has a keen interest in the use of social media in nephrology and, having completed an internship with the Nephrology Social Media Collective 2017, is a frequent contributor to AJKDblog. He works on the American Society of Nephrology quality improvement project Nephrologists Transforming Dialysis Safety for preventing infections in the dialysis unit and is a frequent speaker for the Cardiorenal Society of America’s Cardiorenal University as well as serving on the planning committee. He hosts hands-on instruction in point-of-care ultrasound for nephrologists for the National Kidney Foundation, NBLU, KIDNEYcon, and Cardiorenal University.